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World Changing Books for people who want to make a difference

How you can earn a consistently large passive income, without recruiting or selling! by Jack Cox

A Better Way is Possible by Jack Cox

Why do we celebrate Christmas in December? by Jack Cox

What Can Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Do For Me? by Peter Jones

Exercise is the Great Stressbuster by Jack Cox

Belonging in Solitude by Donald Peterson

Help Yourself - Help The World by Jack Cox

The Power of Gratitude by Jack Cox

Your brain can make you successful by Jack Cox

Top Immune Boosting Foods by Jack Cox

Super healthy minerals by Jack Cox

Life giving water by Jack Cox

Vit C the master vitamin by Jack Cox

The Health Benefits of B complex vitamins by Jack Cox

Taking Responsibility is where your power lies by Jack Cox

Hypnosis Fallacies Exploded by Mark Tyrrell

Improve Your Self-confidence in 15 Minutes by Mark Tyrrell

The Law of Attraction - Part 1

The Law of Attraction - Part 2

Sustainable Living and The Law of Attraction

Take 100% Responsibility

The Map Is Not The Territory



Its All In Our Heads

Universal Laws of Success

Love and the Law of Attraction

Some Sound Advice from George Carlin by George Carlin

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

How to Get the Money Flowing by Bob Doyle

Ten Things That Make A Successful Entrepreneur by Theodora Cochrane

Unlocking Hidden Profits in Your Business by Wayne McDonald

Top Ten Things Customers Don't Want To Hear And What To Say Instead by Bill Lampton PhD

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Some great David Icke videos

Free video training - Win with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Free video inspiration with Brian Tracy

Free video inspiration with Neale Donald Walsch

Free video inspiration with Tony Robins

Free video inspiration with Bob Proctor

Free video inspiration with Bob Doyle

Free video inspiration with Jack Canfield

Free video inspiration with Joe Vitale

Love Not Fear Videos

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