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How to Get the Money Flowing

adapted from a lecture by Bob Doyle

When people start to learn about the Law of Attraction, the first thing most of ask about is how to attract more money. Its not surprising as we live in a very money orientated culture. Having money makes getting the things you want a lot easier.

If you currently are experiencing serious money issues, it is an indication that you may have a resistance around allowing money into your life. It could be because of limiting beliefs about deserving riches, or that to be wealthy means compromising your integrity, or thoughts that it's too hard to make a lot of money, or any number of other beliefs that are actually working to repel what you're saying that you want.

All our thoughts, even our subconscious ones, emit energy at a certain vibration. This energy is even more powerful when mixed with strong emotion. If you are emitting the energy of resistance it will work against you because the universe will correspond with your song. So, by understanding the Law of Attraction, you can change that song. Simple? Well not always. You see quite often we don't know we are singing the resistance song because we are singing it subconsciously.

However, once we have discovered that we are signing a song of resistance, or that we have negative undercurrents, we can use affirmations and creative visualisation to help us develop a healthy self love and a positive, worthy, self image. You can also use suggestion audio programmes such as the excellent ones offered by the Think Right Now team. I have used several of these and have derived great benefit from them. There was one which didn't really suit me but everything else I have purchased from them has been spot on the mark.

Then we can get on with the job of attracting money or whatever else we desire. At this stage we may begin to realise that we have absolutely no idea how to do that. Fortunately it's not really our job to figure out how to attract the money we need to live the life of our dreams. Our job is to be clear on what that life of our dreams is, and then allow it to become a part of our experience without getting caught up on trying to figure out how it's all going to occur.

There is really only one thing you need to do to assure that you attract the life you want, regardless of how much money you actually need to generate to make it happen and that's to be who you truly are. Follow your heart, live your purpose, and share your value with the rest of the world.

We?re all here with unique talents, abilities, dreams, strengths, intentions, and values. We have passions within us, though sometimes through the years, they become suppressed because we've erroneously learned, throughout our lifetime, that our passions are pipedreams, and that the way to success is this or that proven path. This could be a career you don't care about, or any other number of avenues to generating money that have nothing to do with your passions. But you do them anyway, because you simply have''t learned that you have another choice.

It's particularly challenging to be told that following your passions is the way to real wealth when you've TRIED to do that in the past, and not met with the success you've wanted. However, whatever you tried in the past, you did along with all the limiting beliefs you had accumulated up to that point. Those beliefs taint any action you take, because despite the enthusiasm you may have had when you tried to follow your passions before, you also may have had a pre-programmed set of beliefs that basically culminate into an overall vibration of "this will probably never work" and of course, you attracted appropriately.

What I want to make clear is that you can and MUST follow your passions to experience true wealth, but you must first clear out all the clutter that stops you from reaching your goal.

So let's assume that you DO clear out all the clutter. all that noise that says "You can't do this". What you're left with is infinite possibility. you're now free to create a vision of the life you truly want, and then attract it.

It's going to be important however to be really clear on what that life is that you want. Is it really a higher paying job to facilitate more money? Is your ultimate dream REALLY to be an employee until you retire, tied into whatever compensation and retirement plan that the company has to offer?

Just for now, completely FORGET about all the traditional ways you've learned are the responsible way to earn an income, and pretend that you could do whatever you wanted to all day. What would you do?

Would you sing? Create art? Teach people how to do something? Would you create some kind of charitable foundation that assists humanity in some way? Or, do you not care about any of that, and perhaps have interests that you cannot possibly see as having value to others?

Because that's a typical block that has no truth to it whatsoever. My firm belief is that there is a paying audience for virtually ANYTHING. I mean all you have to do is spend an hour at e-bay to see what people are willing to spend money on.

You, and every person on Earth, has the innate ability to attract limitless income doing what they love, provided they are not the least bit shy about DOING it, and offering it up to the world. You must VALUE what you are interested in doing if you are going to attract others who value it as well, so you need to immediately eliminate the conversation and belief that "I can't make money from doing what I love" because it's only true when you believe it's true and create resistance.

With the Internet, virtually anyone has at their disposal the ability to create multiple streams of income based on their purposes and passions. Meaning, anyone can create multiple online businesses through which they can funnel their various interests, attract customers, and sell products and services. even if you currently have no clue what those things can be.

If you are currently employed, or have EVER been employed anywhere, it is because someone found value in your abilities. Many people, even after being with a company for years, have totally lost touch with the fact that they have value and it's value that is probably worth so much more OUTSIDE of the confines of a job. This is why you hear about so many people in the corporate world, quitting their cubical jobs and becoming consultants. Because they're utilising the same expertise they had in their job, on their terms, with more clients, and much more money.

You can think of yourself as a consultant in any area you have an interest or even a small degree of expertise in and build businesses around those areas. What I'm talking about is creating multiple online businesses truly as many as you can think of and offering what you know up to the world, and asking for money in exchange for that information.

Information is the number one seller on the Internet, and most likely always will be. it's valuable. REALLY valuable. The knowledge you have in various areas that you take completely for granted and believe to be valueless, probably has MORE value than you can imagine. There are people who WANT to know what you know, right now, no matter what that is. They are WILLING to pay for the ability to shortcut their learning curve.

One of the biggest blocks that comes up for some people hearing this kind of thing for the first time is, Why should I charge people for telling them what I know? Shouldn't I just give it to them for free? I see free information on the Internet all the time. Why should someone pay me?

Well, first, you have to know the answers to those questions before you can answer them for other people. Why should you charge people? How much time ? how many years ? have you invested in your craft? How much money have you spent getting you where you are today? Trust me, it's valuable. you've invested a lot. And people ARE willing to invest in information that will truly help them.

Yes, there's a lot of free information on the Internet but I'll tell you something that I know to be a fact from many years of first-hand experience. People value more what they pay for than what they get for free. Yes, there will be exceptions. But you're not playing to the exceptions. And you're not worried about the people who may give you a hard time about not giving away what you know. These people aren't your customers, and there's no need wasting time to convince them otherwise.

And here's another point about creating multiple businesses. They don't all have to exist to be huge money-makers. If you can create a dozen businesses that take in only a couple hundred dollars in a month, then that's 2400 a month in income. A dozen more businesses, and you're at 4800 a month and the fact is, you're going to have some businesses that generate, depending on what you're selling, how big the market is, and what you're selling, will generate many times that, perhaps several thousand. What if over time, you could create only 3 business that generated 3000 pounds or euros or dollars a month, plus all the other little businesses that generate only a couple hundred? And what if, with virtually all of those businesses, you could spawn still more revenue streams by recommending other products, from other people, that compliment what you have to offer, and receiving commissions from that?

You can see that with even a small amount of consistent action, that things can grow exponentially.

So what are these businesses? Well, what are your interests? Do you know enough about any subject that you could write a dozen pages on it in the form of a report? Could you write a whole e-book? What is that information worth? What would it be worth to YOU if you didn't know the information but wanted to?

How many interests do you have? that's how many businesses you can create. You don't have to be an expert in every area by the way. You can enlist the help of experts in a way that everyone wins, and so that you ARE perceived as an expert in an area simply because you in some way facilitate the dissemination of sought-after information. These online businesses don't have to be anything complicated by the way. Some of the biggest money-making sites online have one page sales letters. Some are short, some are long. There isn't a rule. They simply communicate all that they can about what they offer as best as they can. And sure, there are techniques for writing copy and designing web pages that can help the process along, but these can be learned by anyone, or even hired out to others with the experience. All that's really required is the idea, and the commitment to seeing it come alive through an online business.

Now of course, in theory, you could do all this offline as well, but offline businesses generally require MUCH more financial investment. Online businesses allow you to test ideas at an extremely low cost. You don't have to worry about purchasing any storefronts, and there are numerous ways to advertise and market online that don't cost any money at all, and yet are some of the most successful and profitable marketing methods available.

From a very young age, we are driven down paths forged by other people, and we learn what we allegedly want to do for a living by using only the most mainstream careers as examples of what's out there. So we spend years educating ourselves in a field that while it may be somewhat interesting to us, doesn't really light us up NEARLY as much as doing what we REALLY loved would.

But look, doesn't it stand to reason that if you LOVE what you're doing, you'll do it more? And get better and better at it, thus perpetually increasing the VALUE of it to the buying public. Of course it does. So the key is to START NOW doing what you love. Sure, it might not result in a million dollars overnight, but over the course of just a few years, it's entirely possible, and it's happening all the time online. All the time.

The prospect of generating a million pounds or euros or dollars or more may seem daunting right now. It might be way out of your comfort zone, but that can be changed. And really, if you do as I suggest and start creating these multiple streams of various sizes.  Then over time, this million pounds doesn't seem so impossible. And it really isn?t.

Now, this whole concept of creating revenue streams like this may not be new to you. After all, countless marketers will tell you the same thing, and they will be very excited to share their methods with you, which is great. I've spent a lot of money, truly thousands of dollars, on learning how to better market. But it always pays off, because I take action on what I learn.

But beyond the mechanics of creating a product, building a web site, and marketing your endeavour, there is still and always be one over-riding factor in your success, and that is your ability to attract the success that you say that you want.

Your ultimate success will be totally determined by what you attract, and what you action you take based on the inspiration that occurs to you. In other words, the Law of Attraction will always be at work in all areas of your life, including your business endeavours. Knowing how you're attracting and how to modify that is truly the Ultimate Secret Weapon in business.

Now that's not to say that all successful people have an understanding of the Law of Attraction. I'm quite clear that is NOT the case but that doesn't matter. it's still the Law of Attraction that is determining what they are attracting. it's just that they are naturally in vibrational resonance with the success they are achieving, and don't have resistance around it, or have worked through that resistance in some way if it was there at all.

What I'm saying is that knowledge of the Law of Attraction gives you an edge over all the thousands of people starting businesses WITHOUT that knowledge, who will still be slave to their resistance areas, and probably work infinitely harder at what they're doing than necessary. Most people barely get started on their ideas before their limiting beliefs kick in and scare them out of it. "What if it doesn't make money? What if no one wants what I have?" and the big one, "I don't know the first thing about doing this".

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that is no excuse. Especially given that there are numerous resources available to teach you everything you need to know. The challenge comes in figuring out which resources to invest in, and as I said in my case, I invested in a lot of them. And I want to be clear that when I started in online business building, I didn't know about the Law of Attraction at all, and had very little money to invest but I was driven by my passion for being in charge of my own financial destiny, and just started wherever I could, learning what I could, at whatever pace was possible for me at the time.

But when I finally learned about the Law of Attraction, and started implementing those principles, everything took off. I had a lot of resistance to get rid of, and that's an ongoing process, but once I started doing that, everything changed, and every day continues to get more an more exciting.

It's now been several years since I was an employee of any kind, and I cannot tell you the joy that brings me ? the overwhelming sense of gratitude that I DID attract the knowledge I needed to make that a reality and I'm so excited about how relatively simple it was, that I find myself wanting to tell everyone exactly what I did.

I know people who are miserable in their jobs, or who aren't realizing their full potential because of the safety they feel in their careers. And I'm not suggesting that these people just up and quit their jobs and start learning about online revenue streams. The beauty is that creating online businesses is something that can be done on a part-time basis where it's not a do or die situation and if it were up to me, everyone on the Internet today would be doing it.

I found myself talking to Wealth Beyond Reason students about money and so on and always found myself talking to them about taking their interests and creating businesses around them, which of course opened a whole can of worms because now I felt obliged to tell them how to do that, which of course is a much bigger job than can be covered in a phone call. However, I found that when I DID have these conversations, I lit up HUGE. I get so inspired when I see the lights go on for someone, where there was darkness before.

Because I knew that I couldn?t possibly keep trying to explain the whole business building process while stressing how important the Law of Attraction principles are in a series of short phone calls, it finally dawned on my that I could put together a course that taught all of those things and more. A course that steps the student through EVERY step I took and take when creating online revenue streams, small and large, and doing so with the assumption that they had no knowledge about online marketing, web page building, or even what business they would want to undertake online.

This is what our Wealth Beyond Reason course is all about doing. Taking the student from nothing more than the desire to become financially free on their terms, to creating numerous online businesses based on their interests, passions, and sense of purpose, that continually grow and generate revenue. it's about learning to create your OWN marketing system rather than trying to fit into someone else?s that may not be appropriate for you. it's about realizing the absolute necessity of having FUN throughout the process?and learning that you don't have to know how to do everything and that although there may be some aspects of growing a business that you don't like, there are others that live for it ? and will help you.

Now I understand that the Wealth Beyond Reason course represents and investment. And I'm very serious when I say that I do not want anyone to enrol in the program if the tuition fee is going to put them into any kind of jeopardy, even if it's just emotional jeopardy. Having said that, I know from the many e-mails I get that there is a need for this programme within this community. It only makes sense that once you understand the Law of Attraction, that you want to find a tangible way to implement it in your life, while at the same time allowing you to fully be who you are in the world, while at the same time generating revenue that will easily facilitate the life you're dreaming of living. So this is my invitation to you to perhaps more carefully consider if the Wealth Beyond Reason program is for you. Again, if it all feels risky to you, don't do it yet. Seriously. But if you're ready, the program is waiting for you.

But even if you choose not to enrol in our program, I hope that you will consider carefully what I've said about creating these multiple streams and doing it based on things you love. You can certainly learn about doing that from other sources. My intention with our program is to shortcut all that time and expense, plus inject the Law of Attraction and resistance stuff which in the end, is going to be what really makes the difference anyway.

I do very much appreciate you for reading this article and for taking an interest in taking yourself to new levels of self-expression!