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Sustainable Living and The Law of Attraction

by Jack Cox

Some people have accused me of not fully committing to the Law of Attraction because I advocate Sustainable Living. To my mind, such people do not fully understand how the Law of Attraction works. Note that I am not campaigning against Climate Change or against Global Warming because that would just feed more energy to these problems. Rather I choose to campaign for their opposite, Sustainable Living.

The Law of Attraction states that we draw into our lives whatever we consistently focus our minds upon. We draw it all in, good or bad, it makes no difference, but we must be consistent. The Law of Attraction is working every moment of every day to bring us the things and conditions we expect. I cant stress this enough, its not what we want, its not necessarily what we affirm, its what we expect. Of course we can use our knowledge of the Law of Attraction consciously and deliberately to bring about the conditions we want but what we ask for must be realistic in order to be believable, and they must be believable in order to be expectable.

Now in order for things to be realistic, believable and expectable they must conform with natural laws. In Illusions Richard Bach argues that we may one day reach a stage in our personal development where we will be able to walk through walls, walk on water and swim in the soil. Yes ok. I am not saying he is wrong but I don't know of anyone who is on that lever yet. Maybe there was this one guy, a couple of thousand years ago and maybe there wasn't, I don't know. What I do know is that if anyone out there is that advanced they are not very likely to be reading this website so I am not going to pitch my advice at that level. So lets just talk about the ordinarily world I and my readers live in every day. In order to be realistic, believable and expectable, what we intend must confirm with the limitations set by the normal laws of physics as we understand them in the early 21st century. And that includes the laws governing our environment.

In Beyond Positive Thinking Dr. Robert makes the valid point that its not about positive thinking verses negative thinking but rather its about right thinking. Also in the same books he argues that we need to get clear about what we wish to attract and to ensure we are not sending out conflicting signals. So lets consider a hypothetical case of a Peter Familyman who is using affirmations and creative visualisation to attract a lovely safe home for himself and his family, a new car and a holiday in Thailand. Can you think of any conflicts in that?

To me the conflict is clear. In his own mind, even if subconsciously, Peter knows that the car and the flight to Thailand will emit pollutants into the atmosphere that sooner or later will threaten the safety and security of his family (and everyone else on the planet). Those conflicts in his own mind will either prevent him from attracting all those things or make it a lot harder for him to do so.

However there are ways around this issue. The most obvious, in the short term at least, is to reduce his family's carbon footprint. If Peter, our hypothetical Law of Attraction practitioner, chooses an eco-friendly house, lots of insulation, solar panels on the roof, maybe a small wind turbine too, buys a fuel efficient car with low emissions, walks the couple's two children to and from school every day, walks or cycles on all short journeys. If he and his family do all this then they can offset the environmental damage they cause by flying to Thailand.

Of course it would still be better for our planet if they took a trip to somewhere nearer home instead. And another excellent way to reduce their carbon emissions in the long term would be to agree not to have those two children in the first place. Weather we like to admit it or not, we are all global warmers and the only long term solution is to breed fewer global warmers.

Now I can hear you all screaming that The Law of Attraction says that there is an unlimited supply of resources for us all and all we have to to is think nice thoughts and everything we need will be magiced into existence. I can also hear you saying that if we ignore problems, feed them no energy, then they will go away. Well sorry, that is not what the law of attraction says at all. To take the second point first, the Law of Attraction is not about burying our heads in the sand and hoping no lion will bite us on the backside. And as to the first objection, we are taught to start with something small. Global Warming has already begun. Its a bit late in the day to suddenly expect eight billion people to change their thinking and reverse it. Its a bit like saying "I am so happy and grateful that I always have good journeys" to stop your car from hitting the ground after its already gone over the cliff.

I do love The Secret book and DVD. It explains all this stuff so well. Do you remember the bit about the woman who wanted to attract her perfect partner? She had been doing all the affirmations and creative visualisation stuff and there was still no sign of her perfect partner. Then she realised that she was sending out conflicting signals to the universe. She was parking her car in the middle of her garage so there was no room for his car, she had her wardrobes filled with her own clothes so there was no room for his clothes and she was sleeping in the middle of her bed so there was no room for him. So what happened? Did the universe give her a bigger garage, more wardrobe space and a bigger bed? No. She moved over, made room in her life for him and the Universe brought him into her life.

Well its like that with climate change, we need to move over, reduce the pressure we are putting on Mother Earth, and make room to allow the Universe to reverse Climate Change. So you see, campaigning for Sustainable Living is very much a part of following the Law of Attraction!


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