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Help Yourself - Help the World

by Jack Cox

We really do live in an abundant universe and it is important for our success that we develop a strong sense off abundance, whatever that word means to each one of us individually. The universe really is trying to bring us every good and wholesome thing we desire. And it is succeeding in bringing us all the things we habitually focus upon because it assumes that that is what we want. Everything we truly desire, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, is waiting for us. We just need to believe it is waiting for us and accept it into our lives.

I say truly desire because often we think we want things but its just a whim or an ego trip. We need to be absolutely clear in our own minds about what it is we really do want. There are also times when we want something, on one level, but we don't really want to want it. Think about that for a moment. How many times have you had a really strong yearning for something, a piece of cake say, and another part of your mind is saying "you don't really want that, it will make you fat". Maybe you meet a beautiful woman or a handsome man and feel a strong urge to introduce yourself but you know that that would not be fair on your spouse and would probably lead to the end of your marriage. As long as these inner conflicts exist the universe cannot bring the object of your desire to you. You have to get clear in your own mind about exactly what you really do want.

Next we must believe that we can have it. Your own subconscious mind is hard wired to prove to you that your beliefs are true. It makes no difference whether your beliefs really are true. Your subconscious mind will see to it that they become true for you. If you believe that all relationships end in disaster, all yours will. If you believe that you keep getting fired from jobs you will go on getting sacked time and time again. If you believe that you are worthy of promotion you will be promoted. If you believe that you deserve to earn 100,000 pounds (or euros or dollars or whatever it happens to be) a year then your subconscious and the universe will find a way to make your beliefs come true. If we believe we live in an abundant universe we will see evidence of abundance everywhere we look.

You can use autosuggestion audio programmes such as the excellent ones offered by the Think Right Now team to change your beliefs. You can also use affirmations and visualisation.

And finally you must be ready to accept the things and conditions you desire into your life. You are unlikely to accept a thing which takes you out of your comfort zone. This is why change is often slow. This links in with beliefs. If you really believe you deserve a thing then you will probably be willing to accept it. If you really believe that we can all live in a better world then that is the would you will accept and create, for the benefit of all.

One challenge we face is scarcity programming. The newspapers and the television love stories about how tough life is, starving millions in Africa, floods and earthquakes wiping away peoples' homes and life savings, people dying of incurable diseases. Those things sell newspapers. Of course those things exist and they are terrible but the more we focus upon them, the more energy we feed them, and the worse those situations will become. Your subconscious mind will see to it that what you believe becomes true, remember?

Yes we can change these things but we must change them from the inside out because that's the way the universe works. Mother Teresa always refused invitations to attend anti-war demonstrations. "Put on a pro-peace rally and I will come" she would say. She knew how this stuff works.

The truth is that we live in an abundant universe, there is plenty to go around. If you feel that the wealth which exists needs to be distributed more evenly then by all means campaign for that but please don't focus on the inequality or you will make it worse. By all means educate the poor, teach them how to grow crops and irrigate their land and even more importantly, teach them how to think, teach them about the Law of Attraction!

Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Wellbeing 
Robert B. Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith

The modern world seems to have lost touch with prosperity. It is us, you and me and everyone, who is responsible for perpetuating all the evils in the would by focusing our minds upon them. (Now please don't go off on some guilt trip believing that Jack said you were to blame. Responsibility it the ability to respond, it has nothing to do with blame. I will be saying more about this in another article).

By all means use the Law of Attraction to give yourself every material comfort you desire but whatever you want for yourself you must be perfectly willing for everyone else in the world to have as well. The richest people in the world give to charity. Why, tax advantages? There has to be more to it than that. These people know that what goes around comes around. Enlightened millionaires speak of investing in the universal bank. Call it the Law of Karma if you prefer. They know that the more they have the more good they can do in the world and the more good they do, the more they will have. If you want to boost your wealth, give some of it away. Wealth is energy and energy is like water, it needs to flow or it will become stagnant.

We live on a most beautiful planet. It gives us everything we need, as long as we understand how it works. All apparent evils, disease, poverty, starvation, hatred, crime, war (war is just crime writ big), are the result of not understanding how the universe works and how our minds work. There is a dark shadow of ignorance which has plunged humankind into the darkness. And how do we end the darkness? Not by struggling and fighting against it but by shining a light into it!

Some thirty years ago John Lennon asked us to imagine a better world. Lets try and imagine a better world now, a world where everyone is successful (in their own terms), happy and fulfilled. Can you image this world transformed into a prosperous and supportive environment for everyone? Go on, imagine it now.

John Lennon used the word 'imagine' for a good reason. 'Imagine' means to form a mental image. Go on, form that image in your mind right now. Believe it and be willing to accept it. Don't resist, don't say it can't be done. Imagine it, visualise it, believe it, feel it, and out of no way a way will be made.

That's why I got into Law of Attraction coaching and why I put out my Success Tips Newsletter. I want to shine that torch into the shadows. I want to build a better world for myself, for you, for the starving masses, for the whole world. Such change can occur but it must happen from the inside out. We must change the world within and then the world without will follow suite and mirror our inner reality. Lets do it!

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