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The Law of Attraction - Part 2 - Self Talk

By self-talk I do not just mean talking to ourselves out loud but the constant chatter that goes on inside our own heads. This is sometimes referred to as the 'drunken monkey'. It is not easy to stop but it is remarkable easy to control.

The problem is, especially in western society, most people are walking around in a daze. We are like nations of sleepwalkers. We chatter all through meal times and never taste our food, we rush to and from work and never see the trees or smell the flowers. The pace of life is so fast we never stop and think constructively about anything, or even to be aware that we are thinking.

Everyone has a voice in their head. Do you ever stop to listen to what yours is saying? Actually we have several voices. One in particular, the voice of intuition, is very useful. We need to train ourselves to hear that one above the much louder one we are more familiar with. This more dominant one, the one I call the drunken monkey, is gibbering away all kinds of nonsense all day long. Its talking rubbish so we don?t take much notice of it. We just let it ramble on, and on, and on, and on and on!

That?s a shame because it?s the handlebars of our motorbike. That?s right! We are racing down the road of life, wheels on fire, but we are not holding on to the handlebars. Its unbelievable but sadly true. The handlebars are lurching all over the place, like a drunken monkey, and we are lying in the gutter, battered and bruised, with the bike on top of us. And then we go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like ?dunnow how that 'appened mate?.

Our job in life is really quite simple. Its to decide where we want to go, grab tight hold of the handlebars (our minds, our drunken monkey, our own self talk) and drive ourselves there. That is the essence of the law of attraction. I said our self-talk is like the handlebars of our motorbike and so it is but now lets consider a different analogy. Instead of handlebars and bikes, think of control sticks and aeroplanes. The reason for using this analogy is that aeroplanes have something bikes don't. They have computers. To fly from London to Geneva the pilot must first programme his computer for that particular journey, otherwise he could just as well end up in Berlin with a load of very angry passengers.

Its exactly the same for you and me. If we want to fly to big house, fast car, sexy partner land then we need to programme our onboard computer to take us to big house, fast car, sexy partner land and not to work all day in stinky factory, get home too tired and too broke for sexy partner land. And one of the main tools we use to programme our own onboard computer, our own brain, is self-talk.

What for want of a better word we call the subconscious mind is a very obedient servant. In the hit DVD "The Secret" they use the analogy of Aladdin's lamp and the genie. "Your wish is my command" says the genie (your subconscious mind). He is a very obedient genie but unfortunately he's not too bright. He can't tell the difference between you and your drunken monkey and will carry out the orders of either just as happily. Also he has no idea when you mean it and when you are just kidding. He's not very quick either and this can be a blessing! He can't keep up with the many thousands of commands you send him each day. He just concentrates on the things you keep nagging him about the most, and with the most feeling.

If you tell your genie a hundred times a day "I hate my life, I hate my body, I hate my job, I wish that I was dead", them believe me, he will be happy to oblige. So whenever you start thinking such thoughts, any negative thoughts, STOP IMMEDIATELY! But you can't just think nothing so replace that thought with a positive one quickly. "I love my life, I have a strong and sexy body, I have a fantastically satisfying and rewarding career, and I am living forever!" Don't forget to think the exclamation mark, you must do this with F E E L I N G !.

So now you have said your very first affirmation. I will be giving you a lot more stuff on affirmations later but that's a good one to start with. Change the details as you see fit. You must keep your affirmations in the present tense. If you say "I am attracting ..." then your genie will obey you, you will always be attracting but never having.

Don't forget he is a nice genie, he is doing everything you ask him, but he does like a 'thank you' now and then. This is another cornerstone of the Law of Attraction, gratitude. You must be happy and grateful for everything your genie is doing for you. I like to begin my affirmations with "I am so happy and grateful that ...." Really F E E L the happiness and the gratitude. This is important.

I don't start all my affirmations this way though. There is another very important consideration. You can call it your genie or whatever you like but at the end of the day its still you. You are the one who is allowing you to have all this great stuff. Why should you? Why should you care? What's it to you anyway? If you are a healthy, well adjusted person these may sound like silly questions but believe me, most of us are pretty screwed up. "I really love Mary but I let her slip away, I was so stupid I pissed her off, now she's gone and I really hate myself". A lot of us harbour these kinds of beliefs without even realising it. Maybe its not a person but a job you really liked, or maybe you hate yourself for getting drunk and loosing your driving licence. For a lot of reasons a lot of people actually do hate themselves. What do you do when you hate someone? You deprive them of the things they need and hurt them at every opportunity. What do you do when you hate yourself? You deprive yourself of the things you need and hurt yourself at every opportunity. This is why I start some of my affirmations with "I love myself, I love myself...." One of my favourites is "I love myself, I love myself, I am giving myself the best of everything".

Grab tight hold of those handlebars, lets go for the ride of our lives!

Have a great life, you deserve it!


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