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“ I know it may not yet look like it, but we are sowing the seeds of greatness for countless generations to come. That is the Great Work of our times, yours and mine. ”

― Polly Higgins

Pauline Helène "Polly" Higgins (4 July 1968 – 21 April 2019) was a Scottish barrister, author, and environmental lobbyist, described by Jonathan Watts in her obituary in The Guardian as, "one of the most inspiring figures in the green movement".

She left her career as a lawyer to focus on environmental advocacy, and unsuccessfully lobbied the United Nations Law Commission to recognise ecocide as an international crime . Higgins wrote three books, including Eradicating Ecocide, and started the Earth Protectors group to raise funds to support the cause.

Polly Higgins was a keynote speaker in the nine part movie series - Time Of The Sixth Sun

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Dare to Be Great:
Unlock Your Power to Create a Better World
by Polly Higgins, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Jane Goodall, Michael Mansfield QC

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