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β€œ When we make the change form trying to thrive at each others' expense, to helping each other to thrive, we will be living in paradise. We will be living in Love Not Fear ”

― Jack Cox - author of Love Not Fear

Of course those critics who haven't bothered to actually read my book or watch any of my videos will accuse me of promoting Socialism or Communism or some such nonsense. Nothing could be further from the truth. My idea is for an informal gift economy based on peer to peer generosity. So how does that differ from Socialism? I will sum it up for you in three words - No Government Involvement!

In Animal Farm, George Orwell demonstrated why communism and Socialism always fail. It’s because the revolutionary leaders take too much power for themselves and quickly become the new oppressors. The people soon find out that all their efforts have achieved is the exchange of one oppressor for another.

Read my book to discover how we can rid ourselves of all oppressors forever.

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Love not Fear:
a new paradigm for the 21st century
by Jack Cox

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