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" The more love you bring to the world, the more you will inspire others to live in love. Then they will do the same. This ripple effect of love is what changes patterns, creates peaceful revolutions and ends wars ... Your power lies in your capacity to spread love. "

- Gabrielle Bernstein

"It may be hard to grasp the idea that spreading love can abolish terrorism, reduce gun violence, heal the environment, feed the hungry, free the enslaved, and so on. I get it. I too feel defeated, powerless and lost a lot of the time.

"But in the moments when I remember (that) my power lies in my capacity to spread love I regain my strength, certainty, and peace. We absolutely must commit to this truth. In order to save the world.

"We change the world when we shift spiritually, when our attitudes become more loving, when we forgive, when we heal our wounds from the past and when we embrace the present moment.The miracles that occur on an individual level have a massive impact on the collective field of energy. One person's shift towards love shines light onto all."

Gabrielle Bernstein

Super Attractor:
Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams
by Gabrielle Bernstein

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