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Neale Donald Walsch quotes

" You cannot grow and become great when you are constantly being told what to do by government. "

- Neale Donald Walsch

The Complete Conversations with God:
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Conversations With God? Really?

People have written in to ask whether I really believe Neale Donald Walsch has been talking with God. There are three things I want to say about this.

1) Does it matter? These are great, wisdom packed quotes. Does it matter where they came from?

2) It all depends what you mean by God, what you think God is. If God is the sum total of everything and we are all a part of God, if there is no separation, then there is a spark of God within each of us and we are in constant communication with it. It's just that most of us don't listen.

So whether Neale Donald Walsch really believes he is in conversation with God, or whether he privately believes he's making it all up, he could still be talking with God.

3) If Neale Donald Walsch is really talking to God, does that mean we can believe all this? No. Channeling has become a big thing in recent decades although it certainly isn't new. Esther Hicks claims to channel an entity called Abraham and maybe she does. Jane Roberts claims to channel an entity called Seth, and maybe she does. Moses claimed to channel God and maybe he did. Neale Donald Walsch also claims to channel God and maybe he does.

But no channel is perfect. The message is always filtered through the channel, taking on some of the channel's personality and beliefs.

For evidence of this just consider that Neale Donald Walsch claims (in Book 1) that God gave the Ten Commandments to both himself and Moses, yet it came out differently both times.

So enjoy these inspirational and insightful books but do your own thinking and never let any book replace your own judgement.

That’s my take on it anyway.

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